Cloud Platform Expertise

System up-time and the ability to ship software quickly all depend on having the right combination of cloud platforms at your team's disposal. We can help you establish a scalable cloud architecture that will set you up for long term success using the right platforms.

  • Developing a target platform architecture and license strategy

  • Establishing proper integration touch-points for maximum flexibility and data exchange

  • Conducting architecture reviews for existing portfolios for Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure

  • Auditing pricing structures and analyzing Return on Investment for both cloud and legacy systems


Security and Compliance

System security and data sovereignty are paramount in today's ever-increasing online world where governments and other organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver more, faster, but always securely. We can help you with everything from securing your individual digital persona to establishing a robust security practice within your organization that will evolve to meet cyber security threats for the long term. We can also audit your infrastructure for one-time assessments or bring our partner tools to bear on robust, automated, proactive security and compliance monitoring for both the Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) platforms.

  • Implementing platforms in government environments to achieve security Authority to Operate (ATO)

  • Conducting personal online security training for executives, staff, and volunteers

  • Security audits of infrastructure for vulnerabilities with comprehensive recommendations to resolve any problems we discover

  • Implementation of comprehensive and proactive monitoring tools to automate both security remediation as well as monitor systems for constant compliance for FISMA, FedRAMP, NIST, RMF, DIACAP, HIPPA, and GDPR


We are proud to partner with Fugue Inc; its Composer and Risk Manager products provide automation of compliance for both security operations and audits of AWS instances. We are impressed by the elegance, power, and depth of Fugue and would have loved to have such a suite of products in our toolkit when running Let us demo it for you and show you that we can back up the claim that Fugue can make you “ATO-ready in a day!

We are also proud to partner with SNimbus to similarly extend and enhance security and compliance for public sector Salesforce using their ComplianceSeal product. ComplianceSeal helps enforce Authority to Operate (ATO) of Salesforce apps through monitoring and maintaining FISMA, NIST, RMF and DIACAP security controls for apps by extending Salesforce Shield capabilities in a stress-free, elegant style with a click of a button.


Agile Training


Beyond secure platforms, you need the right people and processes to support the ability to quickly ship software that your users will be happy with. We can help you structure your teams and train your staff to take on the role of Product Owner or ScrumMaster as they embark on their agile software journey.

  • Coaching and training for agile software teams -with emphasis on assuming the Product Owner or ScrumMaster role

  • Training teams on how to write complete User Stories and envision new features

  • Demonstrating how development work moves through sprints to incrementally improve products

  • How to organize and establish a Product Roadmap that organizes work into sprints and milestones

  • How to engage stakeholders for increased customer satisfaction

  • Implementing transparent processes such as Scrum or Kanban to keep teams and stakeholders organized

  • How to increase performance through sprint retrospectives and contractual performance metrics to get more out of your development efforts over time

Acquisition Strategy

For government clients, a large challenge is acquiring the right technology or services from the very beginning. Our team has years of experience navigating federal contracting requirements and helping craft cloud-friendly contract vehicles to procure those tools. We can partner with your contracting professionals to assemble an acquisition strategy that enables digital transformation.

  • Creating a contract environment that supports your digital needs

  • Crafting Statements of Objectives and publishing solicitations

  • Hosting industry days, responding to vendor questions, and evaluating proposals

  • Working with Contracting Officers and Contracting Officer Representatives (COR) to improve performance

  • How to service contracts so they grow with your organization


Full Digital Suite Products and Services

For organizations that are just getting started on their digital transformation journey, we also offer full suites of products and support to help your organizations achieve success. Congressional Offices, Political Campaigns, Non-profit Organizations, State, Local, and Tribal Governments alike can all take advantage of these tools to either establish or improve their digital practice.

  • Website creation or revitalization services to either create a new site from scratch or work with you to take your existing site to the next level

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to manage constituent/citizen/customer outreach and correspondence

  • Email-delivery tools that will make your messages look great with better delivery—as well as analytics to see how well your message resonates

  • List-cutting and data health services to better target your message to the proper audience

  • Content creation and graphic design support for your existing team

  • Digital best practice training and guidance for marketing automation that includes employing an array of tools to automate and streamline online marketing, customer relationship management actions, segmenting, and analytics to bring all these tools together effectively into one coherent online strategy

Having the right balance of technology platforms is just as crucial to enabling success with your digital portfolio as the people and processes who work atop them.

Human Centered Design

Just as the technology, development, and security aspects of digital are key to running high-performing infrastructure, design components for both visual appeal and a joyful user experience cannot be overlooked. Our team can partner with you to apply our proven design methodology and principles to envision, articulate, prototype, and deliver a delightful human centered design for your site or app.

  • Logo Creation, Branding, and Collateral Documents—we can develop new or improved logos for your website, letterhead, and business cards

  • Site Rebranding—we can apply existing designs or one we create for you comprehensively across your site or app to provide a consistent look and feel

  • Social Media Asset Kits—we can extend your branding to icons, logos, banner images, and header files to supplement all your social media properties to match your homepage

  • Site Mapping and User Experience Redesign—we can assist with the reorg and design of your existing web site and supporting experiences including site maps, organization models, wireframes, visual comps, prototypes, and/or dev-ready assets


Lectures and Speaking Engagements

Our founder is available to speak to an array of topics ranging from his time delivering and supporting cloud platforms and products for the Obama Administration to the power of digital transformation. We’ll work with you to craft a presentation, lecture, keynote, or workshop that leverages his experience and skill to meet your needs for your event.

  • Beyond the Tweets: Joining Technology with Public Engagement in the Digital-First Obama Presidency

    • A topical exploration of the technology platforms and products he helped deliver and support during the Obama Administration at the U.S. Small Business Administration, the White House, and the U.S. Department of State

  • Silicon Valley’s Responsibility: A Look at The Challenges and Opportunities the Weaponization of Social Media Presents to Western Democracy

  • Agile for Government: Using the Power of Agile to Transform Government Product Delivery and Improve Citizen Services