System uptime and the ability to ship software quickly all depend on having the right combination of cloud platforms at your team's disposal. We can help you establish a scalable cloud architecture that will set you up for long term success using the right platforms.

  • Developing a target platform architecture and license strategy
  • Establishing proper integration touch-points for maximum flexibility and data exchange
  • Conducting architecture reviews for existing portfolios
  • Auditing pricing structures and analyzing Return on Investment for both cloud and legacy systems


System security and data sovereignty are paramount in today's ever-increasing online world where everything from banking transactions to intellectual property are stored and transmitted online. We can help you with everything from securing your individual digital persona to establishing a robust security practice within your organization that will evolve to meet cyber security threats for the long term.

  • Implementing platforms in government environments to achieve security Authority to Operate (ATO)
  • Conducting personal online security training for executives and staff
  • Security posture audits and reviews for both corporate social behavior as well as a layered approach to infrastructure protection
  • Security team planning and teambuilding to meet the ever-changing cyber threats landscape

Beyond secure platforms, you need the right people and processes to support the ability to quickly ship software that your users will be happy with.  We can help you structure your teams and implement proven processes to make your organization be truly practicing agile software development.

  • Coaching and training for agile software teams
  • Engaging stakeholders for increased customer satisfaction
  • Implementing transparent processes such as Scrum or Kanban to keep teams and stakeholders organized
  • Structuring service contracts so they grow with your organization



For government clients, a large challenge is acquiring the right technology or services from the very beginning. Our team has years of experience navigating federal contracting requirements and helping craft cloud-friendly contract vehicles to procure those tools. We can partner with your contracting professionals to assemble an acquisition strategy that enables digital transformation.

  • Creating a contract environment that supports your digital needs
  • Crafting Statements of Objectives and publishing solicitations
  • Hosting industry days, responding to vendor questions, and evaluating proposals
  • Working with Contracting Officers and Contracting Officer Representatives (COR) to improve performance