Agile Academy for Government

Digital Services Training

Embarking upon a Digital Transformation journey in government can be daunting. But our one-day training course will certify your team in agile software development practices and equip them to take on the critical roles of Product Owner or ScrumMaster for your next project.

Your teams will learn:

  • Fluency in Agile terminology across industry best-practice

  • How to perform critical roles such as Product Owner and ScrumMaster

  • Recommended team balance of contractors v. government staff

  • How to craft and validate functional User Stories

  • How to prioritize and manage a Product Backlog

  • Essentials of Sprints and Kanban methods

  • How and when to conduct Agile ceremonies

  • How to measure performance and work with Contracting Officer Representative (CORs) for increased value

  • How and when to engage stakeholders for increased satisfaction




  • $1500 per student (includes testing fee)

  • Minimum class size: 6

  • Group discounts available for 8+ students


  • Virtual/Web-based

  • Classroom-based (in the DC Metro area)

  • In-person at your organization (travel cost not included)



The morning session will cover the basics of Agile and establish a solid foundation for broad understanding of both the process, terminology, and team structure needed to achieve success.

  • Breaking the cycle of Waterfall projects with Agile

  • The Agile Manifesto

  • Team composition, roles, and balance

  • Exercise: Crafting well-written User Stories

  • Managing a Product Backlog

  • Examining the Sprint Cycle



The afternoon session will go into detailed exploration process execution and monitoring, then conclude with a certification exam.

  • Mapping Sprints to project schedule

  • Measuring performance and working with CORs

  • Agile ceremonies and process improvement

  • Engaging stakeholders for increased customer satisfaction

  • Exercise: Facilitating a Scrum team meeting

  • 60-minutes of certification testing