Agile Academy for Government

2-Day Course for Design and Development

Embarking upon a digital transformation journey in government can be daunting but our two-day bootcamp led by industry experts will equip your team with fluency in user centered design and agile software development practices -- empowering them as product owners with full command of the skills needed to lead a world-class digital services product team.


User Centered Design (UCD)

The first day will cover the basics of design thinking and user centered design -- to put the user first in all that the team does in order to deliver product that is valuable and useful.

  • Intro into Design Thinking and User Centered Design

  • Understanding Users

  • User Research and Empathy Mapping

  • Persona Creation and Journey Mapping

  • Ideation, Synthesis, and User Stories

The second day will cover the roles within the product team, focusing on the product owner, suggested agile frameworks for development, ceremonies, and how to manage performance.

  • Breaking the Cycle of Waterfall Projects with Agile

  • Product Team Composition, Key Roles, and Balance

  • Managing the Product Backlog and Roadmapping

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • The Sprint Cycle and Sprint/PI Planning

  • Examining Agile Ceremonies and How to Lead Them

  • Integrating with DevOps and CI/CD

  • Managing Team and Contract Performance


Product Ownership and Agile




  • $18,000 per 2-day course

  • Class sizes: 8-20

  • Travel not included


  • On-site classroom preferred

  • Off-site location available at additional cost

  • Additional instructors to accommodate 20+ students available at additional cost